Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goals for This Week

Update On Last Week

1--Organize master bedroom and bathroom
I am ashamed of the condition our bedroom was in.  After we moved in...ahem, five and half months ago.., everything just kind of came to a stand still in there.  It looks awesome now, though.  Suddenly it seems so much bigger.

2--Move Little Miss to a big girl car seat
I did go to buy one, but the store did not have the one she needs in stock.

3--Prep 3 things for the freezer
Only one...bagel pizzas.

4--Daily Bible reading

5--Finish reading Little House in the Big Woods to the little Miss and Mister

6--Draft/Rough outline for my revised Intro to FCS class
Some progress, but a long way from done.

7--Do 3 new projects with the kiddos
It rained so much last week we were in the house much of the time so we spent a good chunk of time doing some science projects.

8--Try Peasant bread recipe

9--Eat at home every day/plan meals

10--Check out two new parks 
We found an awesome park in the next town over that I think we'll be spending a lot of time at this summer.  The rain kept us inside quite a bit.  The littles played in the backyard so we could run inside really fast if it started to rain...again.  We also went to my parents' farm on Saturday to celebrate my mom's birthday and they played outside most of the day.  They'll always choose the farm over any park.

10 Goals for This Week
We're doing VBS this week at our church and my son starts a summer enrichment class today so I'm lightening up a little this week.

1--Daily Bible Reading
2--Draft/Rough Outline for Intro to FCS Revision
3--Prep 2 Freezer Items
4--Organize/clean out closet and bathroom in the master bedroom
5--Move Little Miss to a booster seat
6--Eat at home every day/plan meals
7--Read 1/3 of Little House on the Prairie to the littles
8--Pick out paint color for downstairs
9--Finalize taxes...don't ask
10--Copy historical family letters and pass on to my sister

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  1. I hope that your vbs went well this last week! Exciting times :)