Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why Gratitude Is So Important

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Often over the last few months (years if I am truly honest), I find myself feeling discouraged as I look at our bank accounts, the things my children don't have, the clothes I wear again and again and again, the projects I would like to do in my house, the debt we would like to pay off, and the bills that wait until the next paycheck so they can get paid.  At times it gets to me.  I feel like I deserve more.  Ouch.  That's hard to admit.  But, that's what it is.  I feel like because I work hard and my Hubs works hard that all those things I mentioned before should be easier.  When I allow myself to dwell on those thoughts, a sense of entitlement, frustration, and disappointment become idols in my life.  And  BIG ones at that.

So, instead I turn my focus on what I have to be grateful for.

1--God's magnificent, abounding, endless, undeserved grace.  I am owed nothing.
2--The opportunity to live in a country where I am allowed to freely worship my Lord and Savior 
3--My Hubs.  I am grateful for a man who is not afraid to work hard.  A man who is slow to anger.  A man who bends over backwards for me again and again.  A man who has kept an unbelievably positive attitude despite many, many hardships the last few years.
4--My children who make me smile and laugh and slow down to appreciate all the wonderful parts of life.
5--My parents and their friendship, wisdom, and advice.
6--My sister and her husband who have been my backups in so many ways this last year.
7--In-laws whom I respect and love dearly.
8--My family's health.
9--The opportunity to work at a job that I enjoy.
10--A church that isn't afraid to boldly preach the Word.
11--My small group.
12--The opportunity to send my children to a high quality school.
13--The opportunity to live in a safe neighborhood.
14--A job with excellent benefits.
15--Comments of thankfulness and gratitude from dozens and dozens of former students.
16--Good friends.
17--A reliable car to drive.
18--The ability to see my extended family often.
19--My education.
20--Food in my freezer, refrigerator, and pantry.
21--A washer and dryer in my home.
23--The ability to continually pay for the four walls.
24--The opportunity to pay off two HUGE debts this last year and now keep the snowball rolling toward some smaller debts.
25--The opportunity to move closer to my parents and sister.
26--Good books.
27--Godly mentors.
28--The opportunity to begin a new, fresh chapter.
29--Struggle and hardship for it truly does refine me.
30--New neighbors.

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