Monday, July 8, 2013

10 Goals For This Week

An update from two weeks ago...  

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....In the process of trying to better figure out better balance for the summer and the upcoming much too quickly approaching school year I am trying a new system.

Part 1:   Writing my weekly goals around my four priorities

1--Being more intentional with my family

2--Being more efficient at home
3--Taking better care of me (probably going to call this category personal as having a category for me feels really selfish...I struggle to even include it at all, but when I feel better, I am able to be better in all the other areas.)
4--Being more organized for school

5--Because something outside of those priorities is bound to come up, I'm also including a misc. category.  

So, here we go...

Family - New job celebration with the Hubs.  
Home - Paint kitchen
Personal - Finish reading Miserly Mom
School - Rough outlines for each class
Misc - Copy historical letters

Part 2:  Writing small, daily goals for each priority.  

UPDATE:  Apparently I am not very good at identifying/writing priorities because this idea did not work for me at all.  The results pretty much speak for themselves.  

My productivity was also probably greatly affected by the fact that I watched all 5 seasons of Mad Men on Netflix in 11 days...which also explains why I did nothing productive the following week.  I seriously have no self-control when it comes to stuff like that.  It's there and it's instant so lets just knock it all out rather than watching a little over a long time like normal people.  The same thing happened with Downton Abbey... Other than stuff like that, I don't even really watch that much TV.  So I could justify it by saying that it makes up for all the TV I don't watch, but that's not really true or helpful.  Ugh..I think I just need to give up all that instant access to  TV series or learn to practice some self-control.

So, now that that little confession is behind me...

10 Goals for This Week

1--Stick to a weekly cleaning plan.
2--Daily Bible reading.
3--Paint the kitchen.
4--Prep for garage sale.
5--Fun outing with the littles.
6--Read first half of Little House on the Prairie.
7--2 Pinterest projects with the littles.
8--Clean out storage closets in my classroom.
9--Outline units for first semester.
10--Walk 4 times.

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  1. I get to paint soon too! What color are you painting your kitchen? Enjoy the process that will give a great end result!