Monday, July 15, 2013

Goals for the Week of July 15th

Last Week's Goals

1--Stick to a weekly cleaning plan.
2--Daily Bible reading.
3--Paint the kitchen.
4--Prep for garage sale...HELD THE GARAGE SALE!!!! Made a decent amount of $ and got rid of a bunch of stuff!
5--Fun outing with the littles.
6--Read first half of Little House on the Prairie.
7--2 Pinterest projects with the littles.
8--Clean out storage closets in my classroom {one down, two to go}
9--Outline units for first semester {one class down, two to go}
10--Walk 4 times.

Goals for This Week
1--Paint the kitchen...this has to get done since we're having company Saturday
2--Finish outlining units for 1st Semester
3--Exercise 4 times
4--Finish cleaning out school storage closets
5--Work on a weekly cleaning plan
6--Finish Little House on the Prairie
7--Fun outing with the littles
8--2 Pinterest projects with the littles
9--Update class website...change to a weebly?
10--Cull through curriculum guide for Food and Nutrition

Habit to Continue 
Daily Bible reading

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  1. I spent yesterday painting and also am going to spend today painting. Good luck with yours. I can sympathize!