Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goals for the Week of February 10th...Just a Little Late

Review of Last Week:

1--Prep paperwork for taxes.

2--Work on basement 4 times for 15 minutes.

3--Take littles to the library.

4--Do a lego project with Little Mister.

5--Do an art project with Little Miss.

6--Call the cleaning lady.

7--Check into swimming lessons at the Y

8--Start Valentine's Day heart tradition.

9--Finish Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

10--Update 2 grades/class.

Goals for This Week:
1--Finish tax paperwork to send off on Monday.
2--Send Valentines to school by Thursday.
3--Fancy Nancy party with Little Miss
4--Do science project with Little Mister.
5--Finish Valentine's Day tradition and have a family Valentine's Day party Friday night.
6--Valentine's Day surprise for the Hubs.
7--Set up online bill payer for all regular bills.
8--Get up by 5am every week day and 5:30 Saturday & Sunday for daily Bible reading.
9--Clean out 5 mini hot spots.
10--Do grade update prior to Tuesday morning deadline.

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