Monday, July 10, 2017

10 Daily Habits In No Specific Order

Out of Bed Before My Family
My day is just not the same if I don't do this.  I aim for 5AM during the week and 6AM on the weekends.  I need this time to get myself together spiritually, emotionally and sometimes physically.  I like to use this time to have my quiet time, listen to music I like or an audio book and just get a head start on my day.  If we're headed out the door first thing in the morning, I like to be ready before I start getting my kids ready.  Trying to get everyone ready at the same time just doesn't work for us.

Coffee and Quiet Time
This kind of fits in to the previous habit and kind of not.  I program my coffee maker the night before so I can pour a cup as soon as I get up.  For my quiet time, I use the following apps, but read in my Bible.
First 5 by Proverbs 31 
I like the app ALOT.  The scripture readings take you through books of the Bible and the commentary is so good.

She Reads Truth
Skip the app on this one.  I don't like that they charge you to read the plans when you can go to the website and do it for free.  

Tidy the Downstairs
The main floor of our house is one big open space which I love, but if part of it is cluttered it all feels cluttered.  So before I go to bed I like to have all the dishes done and the clutter picked up.  It makes me kind of crabby to come downstairs to a mess.  

15-20 Minute Clean 
I literally set my timer for 10 or 15 minutes and just clean.  For example, this afternoon I set my timer for 10 minutes and vacuumed, dry mopped and then mopped the floor of the master bathroom.  Then I set my timer for 5 minutes and did the kids' bathroom.  I can't stick to a do this on this day routine and Fly Lady makes me crazy, but this works.  During the school year, this kind of helps me reset from work to home.  Other 15 minutes jobs include cleaning bathrooms, dusting, de-cluttering, mirrors and glass, kitchen appliances, furniture.  

Supervise Kid Chores
My kids help with the following list of chores.  They alternate the unloading of the dishwasher each day and the other things are assigned as needed.  They typically do one or two chores per day.

  • Unloading the dishwasher
  • Vacuuming downstairs
  • Pet Care - feeding, watering, walking
  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Emptying trash cans and taking trash to and from the curb
  • Cleaning the vanity and mirror in their bathroom

Eat a Frog I make sure that I make sure and take care of the most pressing item on my to do list first.  During the school year, I have a school list and home list and sometimes two frogs to eat.  I try to take care of this before I do anything else.  I'm a natural procrastinator so I have to work hard at this habit.

Sort all the Paper
Ugh.  I really try to file all the paper as soon as it comes in the house.  Some goes straight into the trash or recycling.  Some goes in my to shred box.  Other pieces go in the kiddos baskets or keepsake boxes.  I keep important documents in an accordian file for the year.  Some things I even take pictures of.  I just can't stand piles of paper, which is ironic because my classroom is a hot mess of paper :/

One Load of Laundry Start to Finish
Pretty self explanatory.  If I'm home for most of the day I try to do laundry throughout the day.  I can't handle laundry piles.  I just can't do it.

War Room
This movie had such an impact on my faith walk.  I'll do a detailed post on this some day, but for now the main idea is that I spend focused, intentional time praying specific prayers.  I don't have a closet to spare for this...yet so I have all my prayers in a notebook and just try to find a quiet place wherever I can.  I don't always do this in the morning.  I like to, but it's more of an as needed habit.

One on One Time with Each Kiddo
Sometimes this is easy and other times I have to really work to make it happen.  My daughter likes to do everything with me and that lends itself to lots of one on one time.  I have to draw out my son a little more.  We take bike rides together, watch funny videos together and I try to read with him every night before bed.  And when I sense that he really has alot on his mind, I also make him run an errand with me.  There's something about being in the car together that opens up conversation.  

Do Something Nice for...Myself, My Family & My House

I borrowed this habit from my pastor.  This never looks the same, but here's an example from today.  
Self - writing
Family - Organized play dates for my kiddos and re-arranged my schedule to take care of an errand for my husband
House - Washed and dried all the throw rugs

Yesterday (Sunday)
Self - took a hot bath after a super long day and read in the tub for 10 minutes
Family - Made a fun treat, helped my husband with an outdoor project 
House - Fixed my living room curtains after looking at them and disliking them since I put them up THREE years ago!

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  1. We have so much in common :) I love the last one especially. What a sweet habit to get into. Thanks for linking up :) I loved getting to know you better! xoxo ERIN