Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Goals for This Week

What Happened Last Week

1--Eat at Home EVERY Night
Victory!  When Hubs started working seconds and I had gazillions of school errands the last few weeks of the school year, the eating out got really, shamefully, embarrassingly out of control.  

2--Read to the littles a minimum of 20 minutes each night
I so wish I could cross this off.  We almost made it.  Every night but one.  Stinking end of the school year madness.  

3--Organize entryway closet

I probably should have taken a before picture and I probably should have taken this during the day when the light was 1,000x better, but anyway here it is.  Before there were stacks of boxes from when we moved in, ahem, January.  Then, as time went on more and more random junk was thrown in there.  It's not quite what I want yet, but it'll do.  Little Miss is the queen of projects and I was desperate for a space to store (and find) all of her goodies.  I just took an organizer and baskets I already had and re-purposed them.  That cardboard box on the floor is a slipcover that needs to go back.  More on that dilemma another day.

4--Clear floor of school storage closet
The before and after pictures would be super impressive, but I don't have any.  One of my awesome students volunteered to come and help me with this; on her first day of summer break no less.  We threw out almost an entire dumpster of stuff.  This closet has been a disaster since day one.  I had oodles of stuff and no time to sort through the previous teacher's SIX crammed packed storage cabinets.  As the year went on, the disorganization morphed into something from Hoarders.  It was really, really bad.  I am so thankful that I can now tackle one cabinet at a time and get things in order.

5--Move Little Miss to a big girl car seat
I just couldn't do it.  I know I need to do it.  Putting her in a booster seat means she really is 3 1/2 and going to preschool in the fall.  Maybe next week...

6--Do a science experiment with Little Mister
We made some combination of shaving cream and cornstarch.  This looked far more impressive on Pinterest, but he LOVED it and played in it for a good hour.  Little Miss got in on the action as well.

7--Check out of school on time/early
First time in 11 years!

8--Daily Bible reading
Not so good.  I'm trying to follow the chronological plan.  

9--Prep 2 things for the freezer
Cooked and shredded some extra chicken to use later for something chickeny.
Made a triple recipe of twice baked potatoes.

10--Plan meals for the week
Thank you Pinterest.

This Week

1--Organize master bedroom and bathroom
2--Move Little Miss to a big girl car seat
3--Prep 3 things for the freezer
4--Daily Bible reading
5--Finish reading Little House in the Big Woods to the little Miss and Mister
6--Draft/Rough outline for my revised Intro to FCS class
7--Do 3 new projects with the kiddos
8--Try Peasant bread recipe
9--Eat at home every day/plan meals
10--Check out two new parks 

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