Friday, June 29, 2012

Packing Pressure

 I have known for well over a month that I had to attend a meeting 2 1/2 hours away from home tomorrow.  I asked my mom to watch my kiddos overnight and my sister to come with me to look at new houses.  All of those details were planned out but as usual I just kept letting all the little things go. 

Every day for the last week I have said to myself, "I need to do laundry so it's all done for Thursday and pack as much as I can earlier in the week so I don't lose it on Thursday morning."  Because I ALWAYS lose it when I am trying to get ready to be gone. 

Guess what happened today....

-I was up at 5:40am to shower and have a little me time.  You know, a little quiet time with God, a little coffee, a little Facebooking, Pinteresting, and blog reading.  This is the only time of day any of this is possible.

-Guess who else was up at 6am?  Little Mr. K was so excited to go see Grandma that he just couldn't stay in bed.  Mr. K who usually sleeps until at least 7 or 8...oh. dear. goodness.  I knew we were in for a rough day.  I did however do my Bible study while Mr. K watched a video.  Should I feel bad about that?

-Miss G woke up about an hour later as crabby as could be (so not like her) and stayed that way most of the morning.  I'm thinking she was annoyed with Mr. K's excitement.

-I did 5 loads of laundry this morning so we could pack.  While folding said laundry, Miss G proceeded to empy two containers of paint onto her paper.  I knew I should have checked on her when she was just so quietly engrossed in what she was doing.  HUGE mess to clean up.

-About three major fairly minor mommy meltdowns later, we left on time.  But the house is a total disaster.  It always amazes me how quickly that happens.  It looked so good last night.  Oh, and I forgot the very important paperwork that I have to hand in to my new school.  So five minutes into our 2.5 hour drive, I turn around to go back and get the paperwork.

-Then there was the stop at a rest stop to use the free WiFi to look up numbers of apartment complexes and realtors because Verizon 411 connect cannot locate these people.  I'm thinking they need Google and should refund me the fee that will show up on my monthly bill.

-My kiddos ate chicken nuggets and french fries in the car (don't tell the real food people) and napped happily ever after.

This is how this always goes.  Every time we leave to go out of town I am like a crazy person.   I don't know why I can't get it together when I know we have to be gone.  Seriously, Jenny just do the laundry and pack the kid stuff ahead of time.  


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