Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Controlling Chaos

Well, it is literally over 100 degrees outside.  Yesterday it was so blazing hot and I had such a bad headache we did not leave the house all day.  I was starting to feel pretty claustrophobic.  I don't know how all those pioneer families went for months on end in the house together without a glimpse of another person or civilization.  Being shut in about does me in after ONE day....but, I digress.

So today we went on a Target outing.  Normally, I like to do this particular errand by myself.  I can buy a little Starbucks and take my time perusing almost every aisle and it feels a little bit like a mini vacation.  This vacation is slightly ruined when I have to stop in every aisle to remind young children to use quiet voices and look with their eyes, not with their hands.  Anywho...I have gained enough experience in this department to give the speech in the car before entering the store.

1--We are going into a store.  What type of voice do you use?
2--You may walk close to me.  If you do not walk close to me you will have to ride in the cart.
3--If you have trouble listening, you will have to go to the bathroom for timeout.

I'm thinking that last part is probably not the best association for an almost three year old who is trying to potty train...

We did pretty well the first ten feet of the store and then there was running/pulling little sister along behind.  After a quick stop to repeat the speech all was well and it was somewhat like a little vacation.

On the way out, I saw something though that I just can't make up my mind about.  A mom had her two (probably school age) boys strapped into a cart with headphones and a gaming system.  I truly just don't know what to think.  Seems a little over the top.  But, hey whatever works I guess.

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