Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Midweek Confessions

1--I love teaching (well most days anyway), but these last two weeks I have pretty much just given up and am counting the days until I'm free.  My students seem to have forgotten every procedure as of late and have taken to complaining about pretty much everything which tries my already rapidly fraying patience.  

2--Out of the past 14 days, I have cooked a meal/eaten at home a total of maybe 4 times.  Between a gazillion errands for end of the year school things, hosting a garage sale last weekend, and trying to stay on top of things so I could send my seniors on their way this week it's just been crazy. 

3--Not one room in my house looks presentable.  Garage sale leftovers, stray toys, laundry, dirty dishes, and yucky floors...oh my!  Trust me it is REALLY bad.

4--On Monday, I bribed my son with a donut so he would get up and get ready for school.  Poor guy is just ready to be done and had a super long weekend at his grandparents'.  It worked like a charm, but I felt like the worst mom ever.

5--I may or may not have had a mini meltdown in my classroom today after school.  After a day , weeks, maybe a whole year, of taking some serious attitude from a student, I definitely cried when she left the room. Ugh.  I hate that they can do that to me.

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