Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

A few weeks after I returned to work after being home with my newborn daughter and my two year old son, I had a meltdown moment with my mom.  A moment where I told her that it was all too much.  Being a mom of two kids under the age of two.  The lack of sleep.  The full-time teaching job.  Keeping a house together.  Grocery shopping. Errands.  

She listened and then she said these powerful words.  Since that moment, I have learned to show myself grace and to let go of my own over the top expectations.  

My mom always worked full-time.  She wasn't giving me advice about something that she didn't know about.  She had been there.  More than once.  

I still have PLENTY of moments where I feel overwhelmed.  Mom life is non-stop. My older kids are now 9 and 7 which means I sleep more and they are fairly independent.  The time investment looks different in many ways, but it's still a significant investment.

Some days I have it all together.  Our house looks decent.  I try a new recipe. The laundry is caught up.  The reading minutes are done.  The backpacks are cleaned out.  My kids eat a wholesome breakfast.

Other days I make it to work in the nick of time.  My kids eat cereal for breakfast and take out or frozen pizza for dinner.  The house looks like a bomb went off.  

And both are okay.  

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